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Ionic Earthing Array

A. Introduction


The FLUXION Ionic Earthing Array System (short as FLUXION Array) is a complete solution suitable to any application requiring high performance grounding. It is Electrolytic Grounding System that utilizes an environmentally friendly chemical process for year round, stable, low-resistance grounding. T he system dissipates lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents, even in sandy or rocky soil conditions, it provide a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity.

1.suitable to any application requiring high performance grounding
2.stable, reliable, low-resistance grounding for over 30 years, regardless of     fluctuations in weather or environmental conditions.
3. Easy connection and installed
4.good earthing and the effective conductive soil mass through ion dispersion.
The FLUXION Array system is guaranteed for 30 years, with an expected life of 50 years. The systems are available in vertical or horizontal models. Vertical electrodes are usually installed using an auger. Horizontal electrodes are installed in trenches and utilized where the soil is rocky or excavation conditions are poor. The electrodes vary in length from 1.5m to 3m and can extend to 60m by CORRTECH Exothermic Weld, one by one. Custom lengths, accessories and design options are available.

B. Comparative Performance
Traditional methods such as steel or other metal rods, tapes, plates or pipes give only partial and short term respite from the problem of good earthing. These passive conductors only enable an electrical fault to travel down to the earth, but does not affect how this electrical charge is dissipated into the soil. Therefore passive conductors in poor soil conditions will result in inadequate earthing protection.
Extensive experimentation and field trials have shown that high earthing resistance is the direct result of the absence of free ions to assist conductivity. The FLUXION Array solves both the conductor and free ion problem simultaneously.
By utilizing advanced ceramic composites, metal alloys and natural chemical compositions, the FLUXION Array is able to provide a multifaceted proactive earthing protection strategy. The main body of the FLUXION Array electrode is manufactured from custom made copper alloy tubes to ensure maximum conductivity and prolonged service life. The FLUXION Array contains an ion rich crystalline mixture that when triggered by inherent air moisture will start the release of free ions into the soil. This continuously feeding of moisture and free ions to the surrounding soil will ensure the soil remains at a highly conductive state thus achieving a reliable low resistance to earth.
Another often overlook aspect of proper earthing is the effect of normal soil movement. Weather conditions and surrounding environmental fluctuations contribute to the expansion and contraction of soil. During periods of dry weather, the soil will often become loose and nonconductive. At such times traditional earthing arrangements will not provide reliable protection. The FLUXION Array has been designed with a special soil to electrode interface that expands and contracts accordingly. This enables the electrode to maintain constant contact with the surrounding soil and ensure a proper moisture level regardless of fluctuations in weather or environmental conditions.
By design the FLUXION Array electrode will increase the effective conductive soil mass through ion dispersion. As time progresses this conductive soil mass will grow larger. By installing the FLUXION Array electrodes as prescribed in the installation guide, all the enclosed soil will be conditioned to become a single highly effective conductive soil mass. This large mass of low resistance soil will be the best "foundation" upon which all electrical and electronic equipment on site can be referenced to.
C. Applications
The FLUXION Array is a multipurpose grounding system. It was designed to provide long-term protection from lightning, electrical transients, static discharges, electro-magnetic interference, and other electrical hazards. This system may be used in any type of soil condition for virtually any application where the protection of machinery, electronics, and personnel is important.
The FLUXION ground electrode system is ideal for locations of high soil resistivity and for low grounding resistance. it is commonly used include cellular, power plants, transformer substation, power substations, chemical plant, telecom station, broadcasting, computer facilities, medical facilities and industrial sites , laboratory etc.
D. Product Description
Name: FLUXION Ionic Earthing Array system
Description: Active free ion charged earthing electrode array.
Electrode Length: 3m (if need, can be assembled, extendable with additional segments).
Service life: 30 year minimum. Maintenance free
Body: High conductivity Copper Alloy
Dimensions: 54mm O.D., 3m total length
Electrode Weight: Approx. 20 kg per electrode (assembled)
FLUXION Fill Weight: 75kg for 3m Electrode
Standard Conductor: 4/0 AWG (or 95mm 2) bare copper wire, Exothermic welded (CORRTECH Weld) to body.

The FLUXION Array system uses FLUXION Fill, which is a proprietary blend of natural earth carbons that yield a resistance level unparalleled to any other grounding backfill.
Installation Data:
Installation requirements: Typically less than 10 man-hours 1 FLUXION Array electrodes.
Interconnection Wires: Maximum 95mm 2 bare copper wire.
The FLUXION Array meets or exceeds UL, NEC, ANSI, IEC, BS, CE and most national requirements for earthing protection appliances.

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